2017 Dunlop Le Mans Spotter Guide (Release: 10th June 2017)


Thanks to the partnership with Dunlop, the SpotterGuides.com Le Mans Spotter Guide returns for a 10th year in June.

Version 1 will be released, on this page, prior to Scrutineering, around 10th June.  Version 2 will be released post Scruitneering, probably on 14th June. The guide will be updated during race week if required.

Special thanks to Dunlop. Without their support, there would be no guide. The guides take tens of hours to produce, so appreciare their support.

Andy – 18 May 2017

If you like the Spotter Guide series and find it useful, I would appreciate it if you follow Dunlop Motorsport as a thank you on Twitter.

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